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Backpacks Customized Process

Dec 12, 2016

1. first, first collected some professional of backpack manufacturers, understand Xia manufacturers of advantage, select strength of suppliers; 2. Second, if himself hand in has model, can will model pictures or real to manufacturers quotes, if is no samples of, can from manufacturers provides of style to selected for himself of backpack. 3. determine style zhihou, began chat backpack set do details, like material, size, color, number, eventually confirmed details 4. confirmed price and number zhihou, Can requirements manufacturers sent backpack samples or is Proofing, backpack proofing need provides accurate of parameter, and sent printing pattern of AI format presentation. 5. samples through Hou, signed backpack customized contract, pay deposit; samples not through, can again communication modified matters to for two times proofing, until model confirmed zhihou signed backpack customized contract pay deposit. 6. big goods production finished, can through to backpack factory inspection or directly called manufacturers express big goods samples confirmed, quality through Hou, pay balance arrangements shipping matters.